Resource sharing session

  • Date & Time: October 9 (Tue), 12:10-13:40
  • Place: Halla Hall, 3F, ICC Jeju
  • Deadline for contributions: September 1 (Sat), 2018
  • Acceptance Notice: TBA
  • Session Moderator: Beth Zupec-Kania (

Purpose: Ketogenic diet therapy requires an organized approach to preparing the patient for therapy and in guiding them throughout the course of therapy. In addition, health care systems may require different approaches. We can learn from each-other's experience about methods that are effective and efficient in these processes. Examples of documents and tools include dietary intake forms, preparation check lists, ketogenic education guides, and protocols for implementing and management. If you have created a document or tool that you would like to share with others, please complete this questionnaire and submit your contribution in a word document or PDF. You will have an opportunity to share your contribution at a table during the final session of the Keto Workshop for Dietitians. If your contribution is in digital form, please submit screen shots of the main pages. It is not necessary for you to make copies of your tool or document to provide to the attendees. We encourage you to share your tool or document via email or other method (such as DropBox) to those who are interested. Contributions are due September 1 (Sat), 2018. We will review each contribution and confirm acceptance by September 1, 2018. This session is intended for dietitians to share their resources, vendors are not allowed to participate. Families will be allowed to attend this session in addition to the dietitian attendees.

We strongly advise to attend The Keto workshop for dietitians (October 9, Tue, 09:00-12:00) before coming to resource sharing session.