Welcome Message

Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to inform you that 6th Global Symposium on KETOGENIC THERAPIES FOR NEUROLOGICAL DISORDERS (KETO 2018) will be held in Jeju, Korea from October 5- 9, 2018. Held in the Asian-Oceanian region for the first time, the symposium aims to contribute to improving the lives of people with neurological disorders and exchange scientific and clinical accomplishments under the theme of “Embracing Diversity, Global Implementation and Individualized Care".

The 6th Global Symposium on Ketogenic Therapies welcomes research scientists, pediatric and adult neurologists, epileptologists, nurses, dietitians, other allied health professionals, and trainees from every related field, with the fundamental goal of sharing up-to-date information on this rapidly expanding area of inquiry and high translational significance. To achieve such goal, scientific programs will focus on promoting collaborative research into the underlying mechanisms of metabolism-based therapies, facilitating new collaborative clinical work and clinical applications, and defining important clinical and research questions that should be pursued in the future. In addition to cutting-edge keynote and topical presentations, the symposium will include both practical workshops and rapid-fire research reviews by leading scientists.

The Organizing Committee is devoting its utmost efforts to prepare a most meaningful and enjoyable symposium, and I strongly believe that KETO 2018 will bring together hundreds of medical professionals, scientists, trainees and industry to discuss the latest advances of ketogenic therapy research and innovations.

We look forward to welcoming you all to Jeju, Korea in 2018.

Sincerely Yours,

Heung Dong Kim, MD, PhD

Chair, Organizing Committee


Hoon-Chul Kang, MD, PhD

Chair, Program Committee


Welcome Message by Jim Abrahams

Since the launch of The Charlie Foundation twenty-four years ago there has been an extraordinary sea of change in usage of ketogenic diet therapies.  What was once a last resort for children with drug resistant seizures is now being used as a first, second or third option for many.  What was once a therapy applied exclusively for people with epilepsy is today used for a variety of neurological disorders including brain tumors, autism, early onset Alzheimer’s Disease among others.  Perhaps most extraordinarily, what was once considered an unhealthy diet is now becoming mainstream nutrition.

For this 6th Global Symposium, the organizers have brought together a remarkable group of clinicians and researchers, all of whom are internationally recognized for their expertise in and contributions to the broad areas of dietary therapies, metabolism, epigenetics, and translational neurosciences.  The current meeting represents a further watershed moment in the history of ketogenic therapies as the baton of advancing this field will be passed to a new generation of leaders and advocates in different parts of the globe.

Welcome Message by Emma Williams

Welcome to the 6th Global Symposium on Ketogenic Therapies for Neurological Disorders. I am particularly thrilled that this welcome is coming from Jeju, Korea.

I know that the next few days will be extremely memorable in many ways as utilisation of medical ketogenic therapies continues to grow. You will hear from many outstanding investigators, clinicians and contributors during your stay and the opportunities for discussion, collaboration and networking that will arise from this meeting will mean new projects, new research and new experts in the future.

The ketogenic diet is as important to me today as it was all those years ago when it saved Matthew’s life and I created Matthew’s Friends. Part of the Matthew’s Friends mission is always to advocate that Ketogenic Therapies should be made available to all those who need them, wherever in the world they may be and that work still continues to this day and will continue, until the mission is complete.

It is impossible for me to put into words how truly grateful I am to Professor Helen Cross OBE and Dr Elizabeth Neal RD for their vision and dedication with their work and the clinical trial that Matthew was enrolled on. I would not like to think where he would have been today if it were not for them...that thought is truly terrifying.

Matthew’s life and our family life changed forever because of a ketogenic diet, as does the lives of many thousands of his friends around the world. We know that more families are coming and we must be ready for them. I am so thankful that you are here and you will be taking so much knowledge back to your own countries, please share it with colleagues, be advocates for the diet, be proactive in getting clinics and ketogenic centres set up. Matthew’s Friends will always do all we can to support that endeavour.

On behalf of all the Matthew’s Friends organisation from the UK, Canada and New Zealand, have a great meeting and we look forward to welcoming you to Brighton, in the United Kingdom in 2020.

With warmest regards,

Emma Williams MBE

Founder/CEO – Matthew’s Friends Charity
Director – Matthew’s Friends Clinic



Theme Embracing Diversity, Global Implementation and Individualized Care
Date October 5-9, 2018
Venue International Convention Center Jeju, Jeju, Korea
Hosted by Organizing Committee of the 6th Global Symposium on KETOGENIC THERAPIES FOR NEUROLOGICAL DISORDERS
Sponsored by
  • Epilepsy Research Institute, Yonsei University College of Medicine
  • Korean Epilepsy Society
  • The Charlie Foundation
  • Matthew’s Friends Charity for Ketogenic Dietary Therapies
  • Korea Bureau for Epilepsy
Official Language English
Website www.keto2018jeju.org
Secretariat InSession International Convention Services, Inc.
4Fl., 10, Yeoksam-ro 7-gil, Gangnam-Gu, Seoul 06244, Korea
Tel: +82-2-3452-7245 │Fax: 02-521-8683 │ E-mail: keto@insession.co.kr

Organizing Committee

Executive Committee

Title Name Affiliation Country
Chair Heung Dong Kim Yonsei University Korea
Member Jim Abrahams The Charlie Foundation USA
Jong Rho University of Calgary Canada
Emma Williams Matthew’s Friends UK

Program Committee

Title Name Affiliation Country
Chair Hoon-Chul Kang Yonsei University Korea
Member Stéphane Auvin Paris-Diderot University France
Mackenzie Cervenka Johns Hopkins University USA
Derrick Wei Shih Chan KK Women's and Children's Hospital Singapore
Eunjoo Lee Severance Hospital Korea
Elizabeth Neal Matthew’s Friends Clinics UK
Kristina Simeone Creighton University USA
Beth Zupec-Kania The Charlie Foundation USA

Scientific Advisory Committee

Title Name Affiliation Country
Chair Ingrid Scheffer University of Melbourne Australia
Member Helen Cross University College London UK
Eric Kossoff Johns Hopkins University USA
Manisha Patel University of Colorado Denver USA

Regional Committee

Title Name Affiliation Country
Chair Baik-Lin Eun Korea University Korea
Member Krisnachai Chomtho Chulalongkorn University Thailand
Shahnaz Ibrahim Aga Khan University Thailand
Yuwu Jiang Peking University First Hospital China
Imai Katsumi National Epilepsy Center, Shizuoka Institute of Epilepsy and Neurological Disorders Japan
Teik Beng Khoo Hospital Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
Hsiu-Fen Lee Taichung Veterans General Hospital Taiwan
Jianxiang Liao Shenzhen Children's Hospital China
Janak Nathan Dr Nathan's Sanjeev Clinic China
Hirokazu Oguni Tokyo Women's Medical University Japan
Yetty Ramli University of Indonesia Indonesia
Pyara Rathnayake Lady Ridgeway Hospital for Children Sri Lanka
Benilda Sanchez-Gan Philippine General Hospital Philippines
Seyed Hassan Tonekaboni Mofid Children Hospital Iran
Huei-Shyong Wang Chang Gung Children's Hospital Taiwan